The Havel Collection

"Those looking for the core of Havel's thought would do well to consult his writings, and this fine collection is the best place to start" - Prague Post

"From metaphysical farce, to veiled political commentary, to existential moral dilemmas, these are superbly translated editions that document the literary (and infer the political) genius of Vaclav Havel." - Midwest Book Review 

"Historically, dramatically, and socially insightful, the plays contained in The Havel Collection are welcome additions to the English-language dramatic canon. Now that Havel the playwright has put down his pen, these plays are among the best we will have from him. What a joy to know they shall live on, internationally." - Body 

A series of new translations of the work of Václav Havel. Václav Havel first came to world attention as a playwright. Events and the power of his ideas launched him into the role of dissident, political prisoner, revolutionary, and finally, the President of Czechoslovakia (and later of The Czech Republic). Yet throughout all the world-altering events that placed him in the center of history, Havel felt that his essential calling was still the same: he was a man of the theater, a writer of absurdist drama.

This series includes most of Havel’s important works, from his first play to his final work. Every book includes translations that have never before been available. Along with the supporting material — essays, photos, and more — they form a resource unavailable anywhere else.  

To see a video (originally made for kickstarter) of interviews with translators and representatives of the Václav Havel Presidential Library, click here.